Tracer - Asset Tracking & Monitoring system

Heavy Machineries presents host of concerns from high cost of fuel to threat of misuse of the valuable machineries. Tracer Asset tracking provides you up to the minutes information about the location, fuel usage, engine working etc., that will equip you to make well information decisions that can improve efficiencies and reduce cost.


  1. Track each Asset Location in real time and increase the visibility of the Assets and get complete control on the Asset
  2. Track each Asset Engine Run Hours, RPM and more. Improvide Asset Utilization and operation performances and thereby ROI
  3. Bucket working Status Tracer segregates the working as per the bucket operations, Front Bucket or Back bucket
  4. Take complete control of the Fuel spend by integrating Fuel level sensor with the Tracer GPS devices
  5. Generate Reports that suits all needs / role. Simple to use, exhaustive reports. Each user get only relevant and specific data
  6. Access Through Mobile apps We understand that your require all the critical information about your Assets while you are on the move. Our mobile app allows you to do just that
  7. Receive Critical Alerts and Notifications Get Crucial updates on vehicle in your mail and SMS Suitable for Earth moving machines, Cranes, Road Rollers, etc.

  8. Suitable for Trucks, Trailers, Pullers, Tankers, Dumpers, Cars etc.,

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Track Each asset Location

Track each asset location in real time and increase the visibility. Get effective control on the asset.